PdfFactory Pro Pro 4.75

Easily generate and edit PDF files

There are many apps to read PDF documents, but what about creating them? PdfFactory Pro makes it easier than you think. View full description


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works with any Windows app
  • Support to combine multiple documents in one
  • Security features to protect PDF files


  • None

Very good

There are many apps to read PDF documents, but what about creating them? PdfFactory Pro makes it easier than you think.

PdfFactory Pro installs a virtual printer on your system which you can access from any printing-capable application on Windows. Everytime you send a document to this printer, you'll convert it to PDF. As simple as that!

You combine multiple documents from multiple sources into one single PDF document, add or delete content before creating it, add page numbering, headers and footers, and control access to the document with encryption algorithms that can prevent printing, copying and editing.

PdfFactory Pro is efficient and easy to use, and produces professional PDF files effortlessly. I can't really find any con to it, other than the watermark that the program inserts on every page to encourage you to upgrade to the paid version.

PdfFactory Pro lets you create PDF documents from any printing-capable application on Windows thanks to a virtual printer.


  • using the "Send" button to send email using Outlook 2007 or 2010 no longer causes a Security dialog to be presented
  • fixed problems with printing double-sided to a physical printer
  • when autosave is disabled, pdfFactory now offers the option of presenting a Yes/No/Cancel dialog when the main window is closed. Yes ==> Save As No ==> close the window Cancel ==> leave the window up to use this feature, just set "Ask before saving if file is larger than 0 MB", then disable autosave.
  • fixed problems with the "Save settings on close" setting
  • installing pdfFactory 4 onto a system where pdfFactory 3 is installed no longer breaks the pdfFactory 3 uninstaller
  • the Add/Remove Programs entry for pdfFactory now shows the version number and date of installation
  • fixed a DLL error that happened when printing from some 32-bit applications under 64-bit Windows
  • fixed a bug where sometimes Setup did not create the pdfFactory printer
  • fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when multiple characters were deleted
  • hphens now work correctly in URLs and other links
  • the printer shortcut in the Send To folder is now created correctly under Vista and Windows 7
  • the thumbnail tooltips that appear when you click and drag the scroll bar are now larger
  • you can now easily hide or show the left panel with a single click on the arrow button in between the two panels
  • you can now set encryption, font embedding, and the PDF document title directly from the Jobs tab (as well as in their respective dialog boxes)
  • (Pro only) checking/unchecking the "Stamp set" and Letterhead checkboxes no longer causes the Jobs tab to flash unnecessarily
  • (Pro only) when necessary, "mailto:" is now automatically included to a link destination that is an email address
  • (Pro only) the "Create new pdfFactory printer" command in the File menu no longer requires administrative privileges under Windows Vista and Windows 7


PdfFactory Pro Pro 4.75

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